Social Marketing Specialist 2010 Certification

by JennaNash on May 11, 2010

VA Business Partner announced their successful completion of the Social Marketing Specialist 2010 Edition Certification at VAClassroom.

Jenna Nash, founder of VA Business Partner, announced that they have successfully completed the 2010 Edition of the VAClassroom Social Marketing Training Program, a cutting edge, business-building program offered to VAClassroom members seeking to develop current and competitive Social Media services in today’s market.

Since VAClassroom’s first Social Marketing Training Program was launched in November of 2008, a number of factors have changed the Social Media landscape, requiring Virtual Assistants to update their skills to stay current. First of all, Social Media has continued to grow and evolve at a rapid rate. For example, Facebook has experienced exponential growth from 200 million members in 2008 to over 350 million today, adding an additional 250,000 daily. In addition, new Social Media tools and applications are constantly emerging, and even local businesses are beginning to seek ways to leverage them and promote their brand. That is why VA Business Partner is excited to be adding updated Social Media skills to their business, having gained cutting edge tactics, tools and knowledge that they can apply immediately to their work with new and existing clients. “The Social Media Marketing Training Program was a great course that allowed me to update my current Social Media knowledge and expertise,” says Jenna Nash.

In VAClassroom’s 2010 Edition of the Social Marketing Training Program, VA Business Partner was given an overview on the outlook of Social Media Marketing in 2010 and beyond and learned how to perform effective Social Media Strategic Planning that addresses the current trends. They also learned how to maximize their clients’ potential in popular Social Networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. In addition, they received training on how to leverage Social Media for local businesses and how to build effective online Social Communities. They have also gained expertise in Social Media Measurement and Analytics, Video Marketing Strategy and Content Distribution in the Social Media realm. Most importantly, with advanced and updated Social Marketing skills, tools and strategies, VA Business Partner is now better equipped to guide their clients through the rapidly evolving Social Media landscape and can lead them to the fastest path to success.

VA Business Partner is a Virtual Assistant company, offering a wide range of niche services, including Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Traffic Geyser Marketing. Having received the Social Marketing Specialist 2010 Edition Certification, they are pleased to add cutting-edge Social Media services and tools to their business. This certification also entitles them to ongoing training as technology develops so they will continue to offer quality up-to-date Social Marketing skills to their clients.

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