4 Things to Know About Your Facebook Timeline

by JennaNash on February 8, 2012

social media virtual assistantHave you noticed that your Facebook profile doesn’t look the same anymore? While some of you may have changed your profile to your timeline yourselves others may have had the switch made for you automatically by Facebook.

Your Timeline now showcases everything you have done on Facebook since the beginning of your time on the social network. If you are just getting started navigating your new Facebook timeline I want to ensure you know these 4 things before you get started!

  1. Your Cover – Add a picture to your cover on Facebook. This will fill up the wide, open space at the top of your Timeline. Get creative and ensure it’s a picture that represents you and what you want to say about yourself. This is not the place to put an advertisement for your business.
  2. Your Stories – This part of your timeline takes up a large amount of your real estate. It is where you want to share your most memorable posts, photos and events. Think of Your Stories as a scrapbook of your life starting from the beginning up until now!
  3. Edit Your Activity – Some of you may want to edit your Facebook Timeline activity log if some of your content is unfit or outdated and you do not want to share it with the outside world. Take the time to go through your Timeline and either delete an item on your Timeline or modify who is able to view that particular item.
  4. Timeline Navigator – Use the easy to use Timeline navigator on the right hand side of your new Timeline to easily navigate to various years and months of your Facebook history. This is not only easy to use but also very efficient if you are looking for a particular item form a particular year or month.
  5. If you have any questions about your new Facebook Timeline please visit me on Facebook at facebook.com/VABusinessPartner!



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